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    My Coaching Style

    As your Coach, my intention is to be the Right Companion on the Right Journey, and the right journey is the one you want to be on.

    I believe that every individual is creative, resourceful and whole. Therefore, all the answers that you are seeking lie within you. After all, nobody knows you better than you, and as a true self-leader you are here to pave your own unique path your way!

    At the heart of my coaching, I bring connection, intuition, creativity, curiosity, wisdom, compassion, empathy and tons of humor.

    This is where I thrive because this is the heart of who I am. I am true to my soul’s expression and live by my values. Some of my top values are Health, Love, Wisdom, Spirituality, Creativity Integrity, Authenticity, Connection, Honesty, Humor and Playfulness.

    I honor every coaching partnership I enter in and handle it with care. It is very important for me to use my energy wisely, which is why I only partner up with people who I have a genuine connection with. My Coaching Partnership are sacred to me, therefore anonymity for my clients is on the top of my priority list. I never disclose my clients’ names for the sole purpose of respecting our connection and partnership. I plan on honoring this value for the remainder of my Coaching career.

    I create a safe and welcoming space for my clients where they get to bring the truest expression of themselves. I refer to this space as our “thinking tank”. In our thinking tank my role as your coach is to be of highest service to you and to honor your agenda. In every session I strive to be your mirror in the best possible way to offer you clarity and insight that helps transform your thinking and being.

    Napoleon Hill said, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” and he proved it to us in his Think and Grow Rich book!

    I am deeply rooted in creativity, higher knowledge and wisdom. I will often share my intuitive insights and observations to help you gain a greater awareness of yourself and your life, which opens you up to new possibilities and creative breakthroughs. Through it all I bring my humor and playfulness to remind us that we get to have fun on our journey and that we can always find something to laugh about, because a day without laughter is a day wasted. The knowledge, tools and self-trust that you gain through this process is priceless and will serve you well throughout the rest of your journey.


    1-On-1 Coaching

    Whether personally, professionally or both as your Coach I will support you by co-creating a path towards achieving your greatest version resulting in a fulfilling life! We co create a path that BEST works for YOU. Whether we meet once a week or twice a week, we decide together how our coaching partnership will look like to suit your unique journey. I am an open book, and I am packed with extensive knowledge, experience, resources and creativity!

    Whether personally and/ore professionally, as your Coach I will support you by co-creating a path towards achieving your greatest version resulting in a fulfilling zestful life! We co-create a path that BEST works for YOU. We decide together how our coaching partnership will look like to suit your unique journey. I am an open book, packed with extensive knowledge, wisdom, experience, resources, creativity and most of all infinite COURAGE to dive deep with you!


    Team / Group Coaching

    Team MastermindCoaching


    As a Team Mastermind Coach and Facilitator I am a true believe that the greatest wisdom is always in the room. In my workshop sessions I create a space for curiosity, learning and transformation. As a result participants establish greater awareness of themselves and their peers. This helps enhance communication, collaboration and culture of the team. The Mastermind focus is co-created with organizations to meet the teams’ specific needs.

    Thrive Together

    Maximum 30 people/per team

    This Leadership Development program is a series of 6 (90min) workshops designed to support all levels of leadership by expanding their own potential as leaders. Helping them become more effective, confident and influential leaders.  1. SELF AWARENESS 2. GROWTH MINDSET 3. reDISCOVERING STRENGHTS 4. SELF LEADERSHIP 5. TAP INTO CREATIVITY 6. HUMAN RELATIONS

    Team MastermindCoaching

    Max 20 people/team

    As a Team Coach and Facilitator, I am a true believe that the greatest wisdom is always in the room. In my Team Mastermind sessions, I open a space for curiosity and learning which helps to establish a greater connection, communication and collaboration that unifies teams by expanding their individual growth and team success. The Mastermind focus is co-created with organizations to meet the teams’ specific needs.


    Thrive Together

    Maximum 20 people/per team

    6 Week personal development team mastermind where teams engage in a meeting of the minds once a week focusing on, Self Awareness, Growth Mindset, Re-Discovering Strengths, Effective Communication, Self-Leadership and Tapping into Creativity. This program is designed to energize teams by inspiring them to enhance their own foundation of personal development that in turn helps teams Thrive Together!

    Motivational Speaking

    As a passionate motivational speaker my main mission is to inspire and empower my audience take action towards becoming their greatest version. I do this by bringing extensive knowledge, wisdom, creativity and a sprinkle of humor to facilitate an engaging and energizing experience. I love connecting, speaking and motivating  others whenever I have the opportunity. I am open to personalize speaking sessions based on the unique needs of your organization.


    • Nicole Plouffe

      On behalf of the entire team at Munvo, I would like to express my sincerest appreciation for your engaging presentation at this year's Summit. It was fascinating to hear about your experience with finding your purpose and passion. Our team was able to learn so much from your stories, filled with creative breakthroughs. The slides and visuals you shared gave us further insight into the power of self-confidence and taking inspired action.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to join us at our in-person Summit 2022. Our colleagues have unanimously agreed that your presentation was one of the most compelling we've had this year.

      We look forward to working with you in the future!

      Nicole Plouffe
      People Development Manager at MUNVO
    • Stephen Shaw
      During the time I worked with Ines I always knew her to be an outgoing and vivacious personality, brimming with self-confidence, energy and passion. Her affable nature made everyone feel completely at ease around her. In fact, she was so positive and free of inhibition that she befriended everyone, no matter who they were. And when given the opportunity to be in front of an internal audience, online or offline, her natural charisma made her an engaging speaker. Ines is a truly special person whose infectious enthusiasm brightened everyone's day
      Stephen Shaw
      Chief Strategy Officer at Kenna
    • Werner Anders
      I am a firm believer in people following their passion. If an individual has skills in an area where they are also passionate then there is no limit to the success they can reach. Ines is an amazing example of this. She is so passionate about people and their growth potential that when she speaks, you can't help but be inspired and feel motivated to be your best. Ines connects with each and every person in a room with ease. She is a natural at getting up in front of a crowd of people and presenting her wisdom and ideas in a way that is captivating, interesting, inspiring and fun. I would welcome Ines to speak in front of any group and can count on everyone present to feel her positive energy flow through the room.
      Werner Anders
      Director, Application Development at Kenna

    How can you benefit from my Coaching?

    Through our coaching conversations you will discover a new awareness that will open you up to more possibilities from where you will make intentional choices. This will deepen your self-trust and give you greater clarity of who you truly are and the life you want to create. Ralph Waldo Emerson said that “self-trust is the first secret to success”, and I would have to agree. This is the recipe, and it WORKS! I believe in this process because I live this process.  I am a Coach who has a Coach and a Mentor. I continue to breakthrough new ceilings and pave my own path forward, step by step. This process has revolutionized my life and I my desire it to help you revolutionize yours!

    I have a unique ability to connect to the core of a human being and see them in their truest light. I honor the space that my clients require to grow forward and honor this process with love and care. The most fruitful coaching partnerships require a genuine connection, trust and respect. The first step would be to find out if we have this genuine connection by booking your insight call. During this call we will get to know one another and see if we are the right fit. Let's Connect!