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My name is Ines Ducic (Duchich). I am a passionate Life, Leadership & Creative Breakthrough Coach, Team Mastermind Coach, Facilitator, Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Queen, and a Student of Life!

That’s Right! I am not just one thing, I am EVERYTHING!

Guiding others, supporting them to create and innovate their greatest version, is my ultimate joy and purpose in life. Whether it’s through my coaching, speaking or creative insights, I pour 100% of my authenticity and energy into all of my connections. I am deeply fascinated about humanity, and all that makes us magical. This is why I am devoted to being a student of life, for life!

From early childhood to my late twenties, I experienced what was the worst in us . As a child who fled war and experienced much suffering and loss, my life was full of struggles after struggles. Not only did I have the desire but also a deep need to find the best in us. And in this passionate pursuit I find myself today with the natural gift and ability to connect to the core of who someone truly is. This is where I coach from. The compass of my heart.

I discovered my passion for people at an early age. During a job interview I was asked a question which revealed my life purpose to me for the first time. If I could be or do anything in life, what would that be?  My answer was simple, as if I’ve known it for lifetimes.

I would love to have a little booth that says Let’s Talk, where people of all ages could come to have a talk with me and feel better once we were done

Today I am proudly serving Leaders, Creators and Growth Seekers on their unique journey of pursuing their greatness, guiding them to create and innovate their next best version!


My Qualifications

My Qualifications

The most impactful source of learning for me has come from real life experiences, mine and others. I’ve had the honor to connect with some of the most amazing human beings. My coaching conversations have become a source of infinite creativity, intelligence and wisdom. I am forever grateful for this journey.

In addition to being blessed with the gift of intuitive connection, I am a lifelong student consistently evolving by taking new programs/courses, books and doing extensive research on my favorite subjects; Personal Development, Human Behavior, Creativity, Spirituality, Leadership, Energetics, Nature.


My studies to date include;

2022- The Neuroscience of Change, ICF Accredited (Focused on the Neuroscience of Coaching and Embodiment taught by masters such as Amanda Blake, author of the bestselling book Your Body Is Your Brain, and creator of the Body = Brain course on the neurobiology of experiential leadership learning. Including author and professor Richard Boyatzis, one of the world’s leading experts in leadership development and emotional intelligence (EI).

2022- The Art of Developmental Coaching, ICF accredited (focused on leadership and human development, taught by masters who have extensive experience and knowledge in the human development and leadership, including Jennifer Garvey Berger, who is a Harvard Graduate and thought leader in adult development and leadership.

2022 - Innotivity, Innovation for Coaches ICF accredited (taught by Michael Lee, master of Creativity & Innovation)

2020-2021 - Adler Professional Graduate School, ICF accredited (Professional Life Coaching Program accredited by the International Coaching Federation which is considered to be the GOLD standard for coaching.)

2017- Dale Carnegie Institute, Effective Communication and Human Relations (having received the Highest Achievement Award. This award means more to me than any diploma or certificate I ever received, because it was voted by the people and not the instructor. This elevated me to a whole new level of confidence and self belief when it comes to leading and influencing positive change, which ultimately lead me to becoming a Professional Coach!


My previous experience includes Paralegal, Property Management, Client/Patient Coordinator, Digital Marketing Management, and over 24 years of Customer Service experience, public and Government sectors. This has provided me with large exposure of amazing human beings from all walks of life. In every position  held, I always formed genuine connections with people and guided them in their personal and professional lives. Anyone who has ever worked with me will confirm this :) 

This is who I am born to be, proudly serving my fellow humankind on their unique journey pursuing their greatest version!


Who Do I Work With?


My client roster is filled with a variety of unique individuals, just the way I always wanted. This is my niche! 

I am currently working with people who are self-leaders in pursuit of becoming their greatest version. Some are Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Executives, CEO's, Managers and Students. Presently my oldest client is 63 years young and youngest being 19.

I love facilitating workshops and coaching teams. I consider myself to be the conductor of higher knowledge and wisdom. My programs are designed to enhance the foundation of personal and professional development which helps teams to THRIVE TOGETHER.

Everything we will ever do in life and in business, will be with, through and for people. By becoming our best version we get to offer the best of ourselves to each other, resulting in great success for all!